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Barber Crossover Information

Now might be the perfect time to consider crossing over to becoming a licensed barber , this program is approved (approval to operate means complying with state standards as set forth in the Ed. Code) by state of California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) , Board of Barbering & Cosmetology (BBC) and accredited  By our  National Accrediting of Career Arts & Sciences(NACCAS). Barbering Crossover program is designed for license cosmetologist for 200 hours of training to practice on shaving techniques with your own hands to experience how to shave all different part of the face, neck,  head, Clipper cut & health & safety  in corporate that for State Board Barbering Licensing Test.

Barber Crossover Class Schedule

(Closed Sunday & Monday)
Starting a new class session depends on amount of students enrolled
(8:30 to 2:30 = 7 Weeks Period to Complete)
(8:30 to 5:00 = 5 Weeks Period to Complete)

Barber Crossover Program Curriculum (200 hours)

SHAVING Preparation and Performance:  (200 total hours required)

*100 Technical hours of Preparation and performance shall include, but is not limited to following techniques and procedures: Preparing the client's hair for shaving, assessing the condition of the client's skin, performing shaving techniques, applying after-shave, antiseptic following facial services, massaging the client's face, rolling cream massages.
*40 Practical Operation of Shaving
*20 Practical Operation of Clipper Cutting

This program Depending on how long it takes a student to complete the required number of practical operations & performance, a student may exceed the total number of hours required in a subject, or may not yet meet the total hours required in a subject. If a student does not yet meet the total number of hours required, the student must completes additional hours to meet the total hour requirement in that subject.

With Wahl men’s Method, both cosmetologists and barbers are able to utilize their current knowledge and merge it with some “out of the box” thoughts on how to approach the head shape and haircut.  The program includes interactive training with a choice of hard copy Milady's textbooks or option of online digital independent study materials, depending on how the student best learns.