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Learning about the history of skin care, how to define skin type & conditions, identify the common skin condition associated with different skin types, and how to recommend appropriate home care regimes. Our nationally accredited Aesthetics and state approved (approval to operate means complying with state standards as set forth in the Ed. Code) our curriculum consists of 600 hours in skin-care training learning with guideline under the expert guidance of Dermalogica skin care classes & products You'll learn specialized techniques to purify, balance, and renew the skin--with an emphasis on using ingredients (not common “beauty” ingredients like Mineral Oil, Lanolin, artificial colors and fragrances or other cheap fillers) and plant essences in treatments-- training international trends in Mirabella makeup and using Dermalogica remarkable petroleum-free cosmetics.

Esthetician Class Schedule

Tuesday to Saturday
(Closed Sunday & Monday)
Starting a new class session depends on amount of students enrolled

(8:30 to 2:30 = 20 Weeks Period to Complete) - (8:30 to 3:30 = 18 Weeks Period to Complete)

(8:30 to 5:00 = 15 Weeks Period to Complete) - (5:30 to 9:30 = 30 Weeks Period to Complete)

Esthetician Program Curriculum (600 Hours)

Esthetics (Skin Care) shall be completed with the minimum hours of technical instruction and practical operations for each subject matter as follows:
*350 Theory Hours & 140 Operations of Facials Includes: Manual, Electrical and Chemical Facials, Client Consultation, Intake Procedures, Contraindications, Professionalism, Client Record Keeping, pre and post operative care, CPR/AED, Salon and Spa Skills
*50 Theory Hours & 90 Operations of Hair Removal Includes: Waxing, Tweezing, Eyebrow Shaping and Make-up
*10 Theory Hours & 10 Operations of Disinfection and Sanitation
*200 Theory Hours of Technical Instruction in Health and Safety Includes: Anatomy & Physiology, Health and Safety, Rules and Regulations
*30 Theory Hours of Training in the area of communication skills that includes professional ethics, salesmanship, decorum, record keeping, client service records, basic tax information relating to booth renters, independent contractors, employees, and employers
NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 7312, 7362 and 7364, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Sections 7316(c)(1), 7324(d)(1), 7362, 7364 and 7389, Business and Professions Code.

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Advance Air Brush Make-up & Eyelash Extension Classes & Kit by



Since Makeup is a part of the Esthetician course being partners with HEDLUX is a plus for our graduate students. EDLUX removes the guesswork from foundation shade selection for salon professionals and their clients with a new skin classification system and new modern products


By offering Volume Eyelash extensions you will expand your customer base and increase revenues. After graduating our program you will be confident performing the glamorous and dramatic volume eyelash extension service. You will learn multiple styling effects and suitable shapes for every eye form, being able to customize your service for each client.


The skin care industry is experiencing tremendous growth as evidenced by the skyrocketing numbers of day spas/medical spa, and sales of skin care products--both multi million dollar industries. Skilled, educated skin care professionals are in high demand. With dermalogica's advance skin care product’s knowledge, classes, valuable career planning & ultimate products resource booklet and our training of state board licensing exam training will trends a profession ideas for employment.

Our skin care program includes advance education & student Kit by Dermalogica


Upon completion, you'll be prepared for the state board of barbering & cosmetology licensing examination and ready to succeed as a licensed esthetician in the salon, spa, medical, and retail industries


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