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Flair Beauty College is nationally accredited and state approved (approval to operate means complying with state standards as set forth in the Ed. Code). Our curriculum incorporates 1600 hours of extensive, hands-on learning which includes Joico Color Classes & Product Education. Our instructors are qualified with more than 30 years of experience between them, to provide you with the technical, personal, and business skills you need to achieve professional success in all phases of cosmetology.


Cosmetology Class Schedule

Tuesday to Saturday
(Closed Sunday & Monday)

Starting a new class session depends on amount of students enrolled
(8:30 to 2:30 = 54 Weeks Period to Complete)
(8:30 to 5:00 = 40 Weeks Period to Complete)
(5:30 to 9:30 = 90 Weeks Period to Complete)

Cosmetology Program Curriculum (1600 Hours)

Cosmetology Program shall be completed with the minimum hours of technical instruction and practical operations for each subject matter as follows:

*65 Theory Hours & 240 Operations of Hairstyling includes: Roller Set, Thermal, Finger Wave, Press & Curls, Scalp Treatment, Pin Curls and Up-do
*40 Theory Hours & 105 Operations of Perm and Permanent Waving and Chemical Straightening
*60 Theory Hours & 50 Operations of Hair Coloring, Weave and Bleaching
*20 Theory Hours & 80 Operations of Hair Cutting
*70 Theory Hours & 70 Operations in Esthetics (Skin Care) Includes: Manual, Electrical, and Chemical Facials, Eyebrow Beautification and Make-up.
*100 Theory Hours & 120 Operations in Manicuring includes: Artificial Nails, Wraps, Tips, Liquid Brush on Nail and Pedicuring
*200 Theory Hours of Technical Instruction in Health and Safety Includes: Rules and Regulations, Disinfection and Sanitation, Anatomy and Physiology
*55 Theory Hours of Technical Instruction in the area of communication skills that includes professional ethics, salesmanship, decorum, record keeping, and client service records.
Note: Authority cited: Sections 7312, 7362 and 7362.1(c), Business and Professions Code. Reference: Sections 7316(b), 7321(d)(1), 7362, 7362.5(b) and 7389, Business and Professions Code.

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Our Cosmetology Program Includes Advance Hair Coloring Classes & Kit by



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Advance Air Brush Make-up & Eyelash Extension Classes & Kit by



We are thrilled to introduce you to the unlimited possibilities of Airbrush Cosmetics. Advanced Make-up education & product knowledge without the heavy cakeyness associated with traditional makeup. HEDLUX Airbrush Makeup is designed to dramatically minimize the imperfections of lines, texture and pores for the trademark "Airbrush picture-perfect look".

Our Cosmetology Program includes Advance Hairstyling Classes & Kit by

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The Light reflection & Color Trim Accents
Different looks require different tools, products and techniques. Whether you want volume or a more textured look, it’s essential to plan and then execute with the proper tools without using any products.
Yet keeping the integrity of the Enzo feel, functionality of the iron with out any sacrifice.


Our Cosmetology Program includes Advance Nail Tech Classes & Kit by



Since the Cosmetology course includes the fundamentals of Nail, OPI Nail products & advance education provides a heads up on training and their instruction in all safety and sanitary measures in patron protection will assure our future professionals to have enough knowledge to succeed.

Our Cosmetology Program includes Advance Skin Care Classes & Kit by



This course also covers skin care, our Partnership program with Dermalogica instructions gives students also to get experience the power of our products firsthand. Whether they're studying skin therapy or cosmetology, each student will receive a Dermalogica product kit tailored to meet their educational needs, and help them get up and running.

Upon graduation, you will be ready to complete the state board of barbering & cosmetology licensing examination and experience a rewarding career as a licensed cosmetologist (hair designer), sales representative, Instructor, salon manager or owner. It is also well within your reach to work with clothing/ fashion designers in runway shows or perhaps become a part of the glamorous entertainment/music industry or cruise lines. Upon graduation the choice will be yours!

We make sure you are getting the best total education by having professional Instructors with a passion for education teach our in-depth, custom color classes.